Using Flightscope swing evaluation technology, Bob can evaluate your swing tendencies and allow you to demo different club heads, shafts and connectors.

Afterward, we will perform a debrief analysis of your swing on video to highlight certain characteristics in slow motion. This will not only provide you with a better sense of how technique impacts performance–it will help to uncover the types of equipment decisions that could most benefit your golf swing. We can do additional evaluations, too. For example, we can evaluate you for the proper grip size, loft and life specifications, and shaft flex profile. We can also perform advanced Moment of Intertia (MOI) matching, ensuring that all clubs in your bag truly feel the same when you swing them. We have the widest selection of heads, shafts and grips in our area. Over 100 driver heads!

There are other benefits to Flightscope analysis, too. Example: many people don’t know the exact yardages of each of their clubs! Find out exactly how far you hit your current clubs during the evaluation/analysis.

Each session lasts 30-minutes and includes all the clubs ($60). You’ll work with one of our certified clubfitting professionals and the session includes a print out of all your clubs and distances.