Benefits of Golf Club Custom Fitting for Higher Handicap Players

Golf Club Custom Fitting Could be the Key to Unlocking Your Potential

I read an Article from Golf Digest Magazine recently that discussed the importance of custom fit golf clubs.  And it made some really great points about the realities of what casual golfers prioritize these days when it comes to equipment choices.  The truth is that most weekend golfers tend not to get fit for clubs, since they don’t think they’re good enough to justify what they perceive as a huge investment in golf equipment. Yet, these same golfers are are often the ones who are going into Dick’s and Golf Galaxy and local pro shops eager to buy the latest brand name clubs right off the rack (and at extraordinary expense), thinking that some “latest breakthrough technology” contained in these clubs will improve their golf game, regardless of whether these miracle clubs truly “fit” their swing or not. For the same prices being paid for new clubs off-the-rack, the weekend golfer could often undergo a comprehensize evaluation on a launch monitor by a trained professional, and based on the observed results, be fitted to a set of clubs that actually complement their current golf swing. Whether those clubs are major name brands, or not, the end result will be better golf scores. In other words, maximizing the benefits of any golf club starts with having it fit to the golfer. Period. I have nothing against the big club manufacturers. And in my shop, I’m more than happy to fit a golfer to whatever they prefer and/or works the best for them. But it’s not about the brand names and marketing spin, folks. It’s not about impressing your friends with your latest equipment upgrades. It’s about playing better golf. The latest drivers and irons will never be a optimal investment when they aren’t fitted to the golfer using them. In my shop, I’ve found that it’s the lowest handicap players from around the Indianapolis area who come into my shop golf club custom fitting servies. Ironically, however, it is this segment of golfers who needs my help the least! So if you are a 10+ handicap golfer who is serious about achieving their potential as a golfer, do yourself a favor and look into being fit for a set of clubs. Apart from getting some targeted lessons/coaching from someone who truly understands the mechanics of the golf swing, being fitted for a set of clubs will be the best investment you ever make toward improving your golf game.