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Launch Monitor Evaluation

  • For launch monitor services, most customers require 1 to 2 hours. This is adequate to establish yardage gaps and/or allow Bob to evaluate swing mechanics, provide instruction, and/or offer feedback on potential clubfitting options.
  • *Discounts available for multiple hour purchases.
  • **Launch monitor evaluation is included in price of clubfitting services.

Club Adjustments & Repairs

$5 to 15
  • Regrip - $5/Club (Discounts for Multiple Clubs)
  • Cut Shaft to Length - $6/Club
  • Cut Shaft to Flex - $8/Club
  • Adjust Lie/Loft - $10/Club
  • Shaft Install - $15/Club
  • Shaft Removal - $15/Club
  • *In some situations, or with certain equipment, prices may be higher or lower.
  • ** Bulk discounts available for multiple club repairs and/or with the purchase of equipment.

Professional Clubfitting

$65 to 200
  • Irons - $110
  • Putter - $100
  • Driver - $75
  • Woods/Hybrids - $65
  • Wedges - $65
  • Complete Set - $200
  • *Above prices exclude price of equipment. Discounts available for fitting with equipment purchase.
  • ** Clubfitting typical includes Flightscope time at no charge.

About Bob


Started making wood clubs from blocks in 1972. Twice named International Clubmaker of the Year (PCS, GCA). Learned from Irv Schloss PGA (and many other professionals) One of original founders of PCS (former president …


Swing Surgeon Master Fitter School of advanced Clubmaking /fitting by Irv Schloss PGA PCS Class A Clubmaker PCS Advanced Professional Clubmaker,Clubfitter, Repairer AGCP Master of Golf Club Technology Mitchell Steel …

Quick Facts

Years of Clubmaking Experience
Years of CNC Putter Milling Experience
Putter Design/Mechanical Patents
International Clubmaker of the Year Awards

Bob's Blog

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I found this article on the golf equipment industry and the standards of tour pros vs. amateur golfers to be extremely well-written. Very good stuff on clubfitting and equipment selection!

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I was reading this article on how to hit more fairways earlier today. I found it to contain some pretty good advice.  Here’s a recap of the tips: Focus on rythm …